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Customer Testimonials

I'm fishing out of my second F & F right now. They build one of the toughest boats you can buy. F & F boats are built like a tank. They are one of the few boats out there that can handle the tough rigors of bowfishing.
Bowfishing Addiction Guide Service
Chris Moody

They ( F& F) are out of Monticello Arkansas, they are IMO the best custom built fan boats made! If you are not gettin an airboat a F&F is a good as you can get for the money!!! Hands down!!!!!!
Dustin M., Bowfishers Of Arkansas, Ex-President 2007-09

My last boat was a F&F and if I had not moved up to an airboat I would still be beating the hell out of it!! Their boats can take it!!!! They gave us a date on the boat and it was ready that day, and it was no 12-14 week crap either and yes, I think they are great guys!!!!
"Full Blown"

I own a 16' Xpress but if and when I get a new boat, it will definitely be a F&F. I've been to their shop and have seen several boats in different construction phases. Those guys do quality work! They took my Xpress and removed the floor and custom a fit another floor in it before re-painting the entire boat and trailer for a VERY affordable price. F&F will build you whatever size you want so you aren't limited to any standard size. IF you want it wider than a standard 18' boat, they will build it as wide as you want it.
"Greyhound", Louisiana

I cannot say anything else that has not already been said about Doug and F and F. They are most down to earth nicest people you will ever meet. All you have to do is tell Doug what you want and they will build it. I have had two built and they where both first rate. Hard to find another custom builder with there reputation.
Neil H. , Bossier City, LA.

If you are looking for the best for the money then F&F is the way to go. My friend has owned one for about a year now and I just fished off of it friday night and let me tell you this boat is just plain awesome. He has a tunnel hull running a mercury 90 HP with a 9.9 mercury kicker with 15hp upgrade. Both motors have hydraulic lift and tilt n trim. This boat is a pleasure to fish on. It was going all the places my silver dollar will go except dry! But we were taking cypress trees down up to 3" thick and went thru all kinds of grass. Sorry about going on and on but you gotta understand just how bad this rig is. You can order it however you want, the guys at F&F will work with you . I would opt for the 3/16" hull like on the airboats then you can take on anything! If I wasn't in the airboat, I'd have to be in the F&F with a kicker.
Gotta give it two thumbs up very impressed with this one.

"Team South's Finest", South Carolina

F&F are the only way to go IMO... you get EXACTLY what you want and they are built like tanks...If i were you i would go with F&F because you get it exactly the way you want it and they are very well built boats......not to mention the prices arent too bad either.
Josh T. - Arkansas


F and F Custom Boats

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F&F Custom Aluminum Boats, Boat repairs, F & F Aluminum Boats, Monticello Arkansas